Company Background

Established on February 8, 2012, Sunflower Manpower Agency started as an individual recruitment agent, solely owned and managed by Filipino Mario Aguilar. Initially, it started out as an individual recruiting agent. But the idea of a Pastor pushes on, it was determined that it can’t just stop here. Today, it grows to supplement the needs of the following manpower requirement of different companies.

Mission Statement

To established Sunflower as a recruitment company offering competent, effective, efficient and well trained workers and conceived to inspire the optimism of every Filipino workers.

Vision Statement

To become the leading recruitment agency locally by providing proficient personnel, staff and quality services to local clients through service excellence, continuous staff fulfilment in the areas assigned.


Miguelitos International Corporation

Casa de Miguelitos Resort Tagaytay

Micah Ela Salon and Spa Salon

Applife Technology Corporation

Migas LPG

Dole Certificate

For having complied with the requirements as provided for under the Labor Code, as amended and its implementing rules.


Having a good and skilled employees are factors considered to be an influencing result of Sunflower Manpower Agency Development.

Future Plan

One of the future plan of Sunflower Manpower Agency is to offer services not only in Philippines but also to overseas to deploy resources abroad.